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Ohel Shimon

Spanish speaking Kolel Abrejim
help families in need

Our desire is to influence, support and help each and one and from now on families in need. From the effort to support the study of our Holy Torah through our Colel de Abrejim and to the help given to each family. We want to provide real support and relief and with absolute transparency.

What is Ohel Shimon?

In Elul 5768 (September 2008) the Colel Keren Abraham of the Ohel Shimon Institutions in Yerushalaim was founded in the famous neighborhood of Givat Shaul with an atmosphere of much Torah Hashpaah and Yirat Shamaim, with the intention of giving an adequate framework to Spanish-speaking Abrejim.

A place to be able to grow in Torah and Rujaniut according to the concerns and needs of the Abrej.

The project has taken on a very successful scale and scope for both the Abrachim and the Kehillah in Israel and abroad. We grow day by day in quantity and from now on in quality to invest in the future of Am Israel and our Spanish-speaking communities and it comforts and encourages us to see the support of these with us and from now on our support sending Abrejim as Rabanim and teachers that BH they fortify educating in the different Kehilot of the world.

Rabbi David Alter, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied at the renowned Yeshiva Beith Hakerem in Yerushalaim, where he was received as a Rabbi and Educator.

He served for 10 years as Maggid Shiur and Mashguiaj in the Yeshiva Binyan Olam in Yerushalaim and later dedicated himself to directing the Colel Keren Abraham Institutions of Ohel Shimon in Yerushalaim and also in Bnei Brak until today.

For more than two decades, he has been directly involved in caring for and helping Spanish-speaking families in need.

The idea that inspires us

Assume the universal responsibility as Jews to preserve their own tradition and transmit it to future generations, serving as a cultural contribution for the well-being of the world and the people of Israel

A place to be able to grow in Torah and Rujaniut according to the concerns and needs of the Abrej.

Strengthen Kehilot in the world by sending Abrechim as Rabanim and teachers.

Help Spanish-speaking Kehila in Israel, distribution of food baskets weekly and on the eve of holidays.

Participant Testimonials

Our activities

Kolel Abrejim Latinos Yerushalaim

A kolel specially focused on the Latino community has been operating for more than 10 years, understanding the special needs of the olim and their families. Training educators for the present and future of the Jewish community.

Guemilut Jasadim

Weekly distribution of food, fruits, vegetables and shopping vouchers. Special aid before the chaguim to needy families Gemach La Abrechim Keren Smachos Help areas; Yerushalayim, Moodim, Kiriat Sefer, Bnei Brak, Beitar, Tel Zion among others.

Kolel Abrejim Israelies Bene Berak

With an innovative style and great depth of study, we built the new generation of Talmidei Hachamim of Am Israel.

Kolel Balebatim

Every day after 4 p.m., married men have their study space and connection with personalized shiurim and chevrutot.

Actividades sociales

Led by Rabbi Rubén Raij, informal activities with a lot of content and spirituality for young, single and married men. With the frequency of each Rosh Chodesh, and other events.

Habait Hayeudi

Taharat Hamishpaja personal and group courses Distribution of printed and digital material of Shlom Bait Y Taharat Hamispaja Shlom Bait Family Contention Containment and guidance chinuj ieladim.

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